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“We know what we are, but not what we may be”

William Shakespeare

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Q&A w- Quinn Alexandra

There are no accidents... chances are you feel stuck, overwhelmed and confused with the current state and direction of your life. First I want to say, congrats to you for looking within and seeking guidance. Know that you are in the right space at just the right time; which lead you here. 

Spiritual Life Coach - Psychic - Medium - Healer

Spirituality has always been an essential part of my life and I am so honored to help guide you on your spiritual journey. I believe getting to your core is essential to growth and invites our spirit council to help make the most of our journey. Intuitive beings (psychics, mediums, etc) tap into ways that you are holding yourself back. As well as, the people, places and things that are preventing our goals from becoming your reality. I feel truly honored to have taken up a moment of your day. If you would like to start on your enlightened journey today, then schedule your first session now. I pride myself on integrity and fulfilling my promises, so I offer a 100% refund if you are dissatisfied with our first session. Please note that the session must be ended within the first quarter of our prepaid session. 

My Story


The key to your own peace & understanding

I use a variety of the following tools to help me get direction, clarity and conformation:

  • Tarot cards

  • Automatic Writing

  • Free Drawing

Bridge Over River
Affirmation Poster
Medium/Pet Intuitive

Do you feel the presence of loved ones that have past, here in the physical world? Would you like to get in contact with them? I channel the spirit realm to help the living gain peace with their passing. I also have the ability to connect with animals and love connecting animal and human on a spiritual level.

Intuitive Coach

Imagine having a clear picture of your destiny. Achieving your goals in the least amount of time. Having a scheduled session to review achievements, shortcomings and next steps. When invest you invest in your future with intuitive life coaching, you get the best life has to offer... I look forward to being your intuitive mentor; teaching you the tools necessary to acquire and holding you accountable in your journey to self discovery.

  • Organize your life in a way that it makes you more productive

  • Find your Purpose 

  • Align your path with your Soulmate

  • Career Advancement or Transformation

  • Marriage Recovery

  • Divorce Support

  • Addiction and Recovery Aid

Guided Meditation & Reiki Healing

Get Ready, Re-set, GO!

  • GET Cleansed

  • RE-Align your Chakras

  • You're ready to GO!

    • Special Healing sessions available​

Chakra Clearing & Alignment Sessions

energy cleansing, Chakra alignment and healings. You may feel tingling sensations as your system responds to the healing energy being received, and you should experience noticeable improvement. 

Meditation by the Sea


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